Friday, August 20, 2010

How to be More Creative

A collection of tips from books, pop culture, mentors, classes, friends, etc.

  • turn off the radio.  let your mind free associate
  • take an unfamiliar route to work (using GPS is cheating)
  • think deeply, then stop
  • sit on your judgment
  • draw or write with your off hand
  • find yourself a "flow" state (sports, game, etc. - play)
  • use a daily routine
  • then break it
  • talk with others (anyone, even on the bus or train)
  • give yourself permission to make a mistake
  • create a mind map
  • go for a long drive.  don't plan it, just drive
  • talk some more
  • read up on something completely unrelated
  • write your first idea down.  don't filter yourself
  • now keep writing
  • go outside.  breathe

These are a few I've found from various sources.  Some in books, others in movies or tv shows.  Still others from professors or friends.  I've used all of these at one point or another and can honestly say that they work (at least for me).  What methods have you found to be helpful in your personal or professional life?

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