Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Critiquing The Social Network's "interactive trailer"

The interactive trailer for The Social Network (seen below) has been getting a lot of buzz lately but is it a success?

That depends on the strategic goal.

If it was to get people talking and generate word-of-mouth around the blogosphere (notice the share button at the bottom of the video), then yes, it was a success.
If it was to highlight the extent to which our lives are influenced by, and actually take place online, therefore underscoring a larger theme of the picture, then yes, it was a success.

But if the goal was to educate viewers, have them read the links and articles and go into the movie with an increased awareness - probably not. The information simply flies at you too fast to be usable in any fashion.

How many of the displayed stats can you remember an hour after viewing the trailer?

Very cool idea though - I look forward to seeing the concept refined in the future.
Imagine how this could be utilized in the future - purchase a DVD (for example, Lost) and gain access to all kinds of additional information and easter eggs.

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